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There is an old adage that the kitchen is the heart of a Palm Harbor home. At Cullen Construction, we firmly believe that this is true. Our dedicated and detailed kitchen remodeling service offers all the homeowners in Palm Harbor who use it the absolute best value for money while also guaranteeing that there is no compromise in the quality of workmanship carried out. As any Palm Harbor homeowner who has been directly involved in the designing, building or remodeling of their own home, this is not a straight-forward process. If you want to make sure that your home’s most important room receives the high-quality upgrade it deserves then you need to call Cullen Construction today.

Combining a wealth of experience with the latest and most innovative remodeling techniques, there is no challenge too big or job too small for our skilled team of home improvement experts. There are very few assets more important or valuable than your home. That is why, if you are going to go to the effort of having a remodel undertaken, you may as well make sure it is worth it.


Whether it’s the color of your cabinets, countertops or walls and floors, there is no doubt that getting this part of your kitchen remodel right will go a long way to ensuring the best possible results. Two of the most popular colors that our clients have selected recently include:


This light and airy color adds an immediate sense of relaxed ambiance to any sized kitchen. It can also compliment dark hardwood floors very well.


A well designed taupe can make all the difference in a busy and somewhat cluttered kitchen. This neutral color acts as the perfect backdrop to kitchens with a lot going on.


There’s no doubt about it, the act of remodeling a Clearwater kitchen is an exciting time for any family or individual. Deciding on the colors, materials, decor and overall style that you are going to use can be a real treat. That being said, the reality is that this task can also be quite daunting, especially if you are not 100% certain about what you want. For some Clearwater homeowners, not having every facet of their remodel planned impeccably can leave them feeling unprepared. However, in truth, there is nothing wrong with a degree of uncertainty when it comes to your kitchen remodel. In fact, at Cullen Construction we enjoy working with clients who are open to suggestions about the direction to take for their kitchen. Having somewhat of a blank canvas to work from allows our expert team of skilled remodeling professionals to work their magic in a free and unrestricted manner for optimal results. So, if you know that your kitchen needs an upgrade but aren’t sure exactly what that will look like, then you need to call us right away.


Whether your kitchen is 25 square feet or 50, the fact of the matter is that the kitchen remodeling experts at Cullen Construction have the necessary skill, experience and industry-level knowhow to make any of your kitchen remodeling dreams come to life. So, whether you want some polished stone floors to add a degree of elegance to your kitchen or you want to add a mosaic backsplash in order to add some color or vibrancy, then we can take care of that. Don’t settle for inferior Clearwater remodeling teams when the number one professionally equipped team is here and available for you to use. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


We pride ourselves in providing the best in customer care. When you call Cullen Construction you will be able to speak to an actual person immediately who can book a free consult to take place within 24 hours.
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