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Do You Need Your Kitchen To Be Remodelled? Hire The Experts!

There is not even a shadow of a doubt. Let’s remember the importance of being a Do-It-Yourself lover. The expertise, resourcefulness, and drive that goes into getting things done for yourself is perfect and should be compensated. Notwithstanding, the basic truth is that you want to pass it on to the experts you can depend on concerning kitchen remodel contractors in Clearwater. With high stakes, you want a talented and committed team of experts to ensure your kitchen remodeling is done correctly and professionally. And this is where Cullen Construction comes into play.

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Why Should You Hire Us For Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs?

We encourage you to make informed decisions before availing of any services, and that is why we are here to answer the most common question that we often face – why should we get hired for Palm Harbor kitchen remodeling requirements? Below are the two most popular reasons. Explore them.

1. Our Sundry Color Options

Do you also wonder about the colors you should use that will help enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen? This question depends heavily on the kitchen to be answered correctly. So, a more neutral or white-based hue may be appropriate if your kitchen is big and open. Alternately, if your kitchen is cozier, it can benefit from the vivacious yellow or red’s warm light. Given our years of experience as a kitchen remodel contractors in Clearwater, we have seen many color-scheme trends come and go. Here are the top 5 colors our clients love the most!


For many years, the walls of kitchens of all sizes in houses around the country were painted a light blue cottage style. The powdered hue of cloud blue that Cullen Construction offers may soften your kitchen while also being the ideal match for your dark hardwood floors. Although it looks great on cabinets, this hue can also be used on walls, flooring, or furniture.


Traditional cream should be strongly considered if you want a color scheme that delivers a classic and conventional look while not being as stark or sterile as brilliant white. Modern and rustic kitchens benefit greatly from this color’s warmth.


There is no question that not everyone or every type of kitchen would look good in this color scheme. Nonetheless, this rare selection exudes a refined elegance and beauty not discernible in other colors or tones. This color never goes out of style and has a refined appeal that is exceedingly challenging to replicate.


The saying is that you should leave if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen. But you can easily and successfully tone down some of the fire and vibrancy associated with this space by selecting a cool and refreshing mint color scheme for your kitchen. The excellent bright and calming alternative that needs careful consideration is the pastel green.


Subtlety is the word most accurately describes our smokey gray kitchens. A smoky gray kitchen’s understated qualities can go well with modern, sleek kitchens and more traditional, rustic ones.

2. Get A Reliable & Dedicated Boutique Builder Experience

We at Cullen Construction genuinely mean it when we state that we provide a tried-and-true building service that you can rely on. We are dedicated to giving our home clients the best service possible because the customer experience is everything to us. A guaranteed end date is one of the most crucial components of this service since it guarantees that you will know exactly how long the job will take and how much it will cost. We ensure a priceless sense of tranquility by doing this.

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Let We Experts Help You With Kitchen Remodeling Needs

Cullen Construction is a reliable company if you're looking for skilled kitchen remodel contractors in Clearwater. We have all the required expertise and experience that make us the leading service provider in our field. Contact us and let us assist you.

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